Vitwind Massager

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Our Massager helps to relieve lower back, shoulder and neck pain and massage sore muscles. This smart massager wraps comfortably around the back of your neck and sends gentle, electric pulses to sore muscles, while simultaneously warming, to help you feel relaxed and pain-free. 

Did you know that your neck is a house for arteries that supply blood to the brain from the heart? Stress, poor posture, and excess computer use can stiffen the neck, resulting in reduced blood supply to the brain and its subsequent malfunction.

This electric pulsating technology helps you to relax, reduces muscle aches, decreases muscle tension, improves blood circulation and gives you a sense of well-being, while lessening any pain. 

Using the latest technology, this infrared massager features electro- stimulation pressure and soothing vibration, to relax the cervical area, while completely relieving pain and easing muscle tension. 

Easy to set up and use- Simply insert 2 AAA batteries, and start the relaxation. Peel and adhere the patches to the aching area of your choice. Turn on the massager, wrap it where you have the pain and select a mode, then adjust the intensity to high or low and that's it. Relief is on its way!

Take it with you wherever you go; the gym, office, vacation, or simply relaxing at home. The Massager is sure to become your new best friend!
Battery-Powered (2 AAA batteries not included)

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